Don’t Fake It! People "Sniff Out" Greenwashing

APPLAUSE please…to all those businesses large and small sincerely committed to the triple bottom line of “People, Planet, Profit.” These include social enterprises, B Corps, Benefit Companies and other cause-driven organizations that believe “doing good is good for business.” 

These are the authentic ones.  Those with honest and sincere efforts…

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MaryAnne Harmer
Is Your Concept of Strategic Planning Dated?

Truth be told, I have been a classic strategic planner for over 20 years. 

I’ve held senior level executive positions in numerous corporate settings with responsibility for facilitating and writing “Strategic Plans"in collaboration with leadership teams and Boards.   I’ve helped numerous small businesses and nonprofits with their strategic planning processes. And people have been happy with my work.

I guess I’m good at it.

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MaryAnne Harmer
How a Homeless Army Vet Taught Me the Ultimate Content Lesson on Easter

Coming up with a great story idea or content for a blog post ain't easy.

So when I'm desperate for inspiration, which is more times than not, I go to my usual sources. Doing Google searches on a particular topic, reading quotes from the content sages and visiting my favorite IPA emporium all have helped me become a bit more inspired.

But this past Easter, I was reminded of how such angst about content is so unnecessary thanks to a US Army Ranger veteran I met underneath the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, OR.

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Lights On: How Compelling Is Your Website's Home Page?

Let's be honest. People go to your website to get a “feel” for who you are. Yes, they want to know what services you provide, but more than that, they want to understand your personality, your brand and what you stand for. A well-branded home page positions you and gives you an edge in increasingly competitive markets. This is done with...

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Dangers of the Status Quo: How a Business Becomes Extinct

If you worked in ad agencies during your career (as I have), you quickly learn about being different.

Building a brand, developing a strategy, creating an ad is ALWAYS about differentiating.

Doing things as usual is almost never a good idea.

So why is it we see so many businesses and organizations not clearly setting themselves apart in the "how" or "why" they do what they do?

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9 Ways To Become More Resilient

Have you ever visited a desert and wondered about the cactus and its ability to survive?

I often visit the deserts of Baja. In my wanderings, the stark and quiet beauty of this ecosystem creates an awe that defines “mindfulness.” A potent experience of stillness and balance between the mountains and sea. 

And the regal cactus reigns over all...

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4 Keys To Mastering Outreach

OK, the jury is in. Community outreach has now been deemed one of the most powerful ways to brand and promote your product and your services. Developing relationships with organizations in your community will not only help create customer affinity but gets people to start promoting your business for you!

But the secret is not that you do outreach, but HOW you do it.

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