Benefit Corporation Certification Questionnaire

Congratulations for taking this bold step toward becoming a Certified Benefit Corporation or Benefit Company!

The Certification Process includes questions that reflect the best practices of Benefit Corporations. These are based on multiple interviews with Benefit and B Corp leaders as well as research around Benefit Corporations. Questions probe into the behaviors, traits and management processes that support People, Planet, Profit – the core values of Benefit Corporations. These include: transparency, authenticity, honesty, humility, sustainability, inclusivity, support for staff, engagement with the community, and mission focus.

Rarely do applicants for certification have all these practices in place, but these questions provide a roadmap for the journey to become a fully actualized Benefit Company or Benefit Corporation. The goal is to recognize the efforts and steps you are taking towards this vision, as you continue to evolve and grow your business.

If you are a very small company without staff, the questions related to staff and employee questions will not be applicable.  Please mark N/A.

Finally, below each question you will find space to share any additional facts or documentation that support your answer. These additional comments and information will help us evaluate your responses and commitment to the values of Benefit Companies.