Conscientious Leadership: The Journey Is On

Photo by  Clemens van Lay

I sometimes pat myself on the back, telling myself I get it.

After all, I am pretty empathetic and consider other people ‘s feelings. But truth be told, I sometimes think that my opinion is the best one.  In short, I can be dogmatic at times. 

Is this conscientious leadership… driven by authenticity, transparency, equity and yes HUMILITY?

I think not. Yet, in spite of kudos about what a great mentor and leader I am, the reality is that I still have a lot to learn. 

This is where thought leaders come in.  Seasoned and enlightened professionals that inspire, motivate, provoke challenge us to get out of our comfort zones and think differently.

It’s a journey.  Lessons to learn and behaviors to adopt.  For example:

  • More than diversity, but inclusion and equity

  • More than recycling, but true sustainability in the workplace

  • More than writing a check to an organization, but volunteering time and energy to create healthy communities

  • More than servant leadership and treating employees fairly, but rather encouraging and creating work/life balance

  • More than honesty, but moving toward transparency about the organizations goals, finances with the team.

  • More than being customer oriented, but including customers in your strategic planning

WE ALL CAN DO BETTER! And it starts with me.

Join us at a  special workshop in beautiful Hood River, OR to learn more from thought leaders about Conscientious Leadership on Oct. 3.




MaryAnne Harmer