What Changing the World Looks Like Up Close and Personal

It is a paradigm like no other. Where cause-driven businesses collaborate with their communities to change the world. And if you doubt this premise, then you weren’t there. I’m talking about our very first workshop on the Benefit Company movement.

You see, just two weeks ago, my business partner and I talked with 16 curious entrepreneurs at Portland’s HatchLab PDX about the “why” for…

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Tom Hering
Does Your Business Have a Soul? Here's How To Tell...

I’ve been around.  And I have many chapters in my life to prove it.

An executive at several major healthcare organizations, an ED at a nonprofit agency, a lead strategist at a branding agency, a coach and a consultant for many local and national government agencies, and an entrepreneur launching two start-up companies.   

AIong the way, I’ve worked in a multitude of capacities, partnering with…

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Don’t Fake It! People "Sniff Out" Greenwashing

APPLAUSE please…to all those businesses large and small sincerely committed to the triple bottom line of “People, Planet, Profit.” These include social enterprises, B Corps, Benefit Companies and other cause-driven organizations that believe “doing good is good for business.” 

These are the authentic ones.  Those with honest and sincere efforts…

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MaryAnne Harmer
Is Your Concept of Strategic Planning Dated?

Truth be told, I have been a classic strategic planner for over 20 years. 

I’ve held senior level executive positions in numerous corporate settings with responsibility for facilitating and writing “Strategic Plans"in collaboration with leadership teams and Boards.   I’ve helped numerous small businesses and nonprofits with their strategic planning processes. And people have been happy with my work.

I guess I’m good at it.

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MaryAnne Harmer