People, Planet, Profit


Helping businesses be a force for good as benefit corporations.

We see it as a revolution. Where people unite to create a better community, a better world and yes, a better business. At Benefit Corporations For Good, we help guide you through the process of becoming a benefit corporation. We show you the way, provide you with the tools for certification and offer you services to leverage your benefit corporation status. 

If you’re new to this idea, you will find our free “sniff test” here. It is a simple assessment tool to see if you are ready to become a benefit corporation. 

You can learn even more by checking out our blog about the growing popularity of this fast-growing movement now part of 34 states and counting.  If you really want to go deeper, we have written a book to help companies understand the why and the how of the movement.

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Our Manifesto


We dare to believe that every business can positively impact the world.

We believe that by joining the benefit corporation movement you reinvigorate the planet with honesty, transparency and empathy.

We believe in the 3 P’s practice of putting People and Planet first because it means more Profit for those who see the wisdom in serving the “greater good.”

We believe in helping empower companies to become benefit corporations because we know that a rising tide lifts all boats. Call us crazy, call us dreamers but we have the audacity to believe we will answer JFK’s words, “if not us, who? If not now, when?”


Sniff Test

The ‘Sniff Test’: Are you ready to take the plunge?

We hope you are intrigued the possibility and potential of becoming a Benefit Company.  Perhaps your business already practices some of the principles. But is it right for you? The quiz below includes 12 questions we have created to help you understand if you are a good candidate for moving forward and  becoming  a Benefit Company.

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