How to become a certified benefit corporation.

Being certified makes a bold statement to your stakeholders. It demonstrates you ‘walk your talk’ as a Triple Bottom Line business with third party certification to prove it. You join a growing group of businesses who believe in making a difference while making a profit.

You should also know that we are just 1 of 4 certifiers listed on the Oregon Secretary of State's website and the only one based in Oregon.

Now, to meet our Benefit Corporations for Good certification standard, you must answer a 48-question online questionnaire and  provide an explanation of your company's efforts regarding the best practices of business's practicing the 3 P’s: People, Planet, Profit.  The results will demonstrate how far you are on the value continuum for Benefit Corporations.

After taking the test, we get back to you, generally within a week, by email or by phone to have you answer a few questions with one of our senior principals.  For the most part, the intent of the call is to make sure the business aligns with the philosophy of a Benefit Corporation and practices it.

Those businesses that meet certification:

  • Secure a “Benefit Corporations for Good Certified” digital badge for use on website and online materials

  • Get Visual Branded Materials including window cling announcing your “Benefit Corporations for Good Certified” for display on premises of business including door, windows and counters

  • Receive 30 minutes of consulting time from a senior principal to assist you in actualizing and improving the principles of benefit corporations

  • Gain access to ongoing educational forums and materials regarding benefit corporations

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