When the Muse Calls, Listen...Creativity Needed!

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination." 
-  Albert Einstein

 Right-Brain Creativity Needed:
Organizations love data, metrics, analytical thinking… and so do we.  It helps organize thinking and facilitates decision making.  BUT,  by itself without the input of right-brain thinking, including intuition and imagination, problem-solving may fall flat.  Seems we need to honor and respect the value of creativity, that creates out -of-the-box solutions, that may not be uncovered purely through left-brain analytical thinking.  Even MBA programs are beginning to seek applicants with Art and Humanity degrees that may emphasize more creativity. 

That’s why we love workforce teams that include both analytical and creative folks.  There is a muse in all of us, so next time you get together to problem- solve, take out your colored pencils and markers and try to draw an image of the solution. You may be surprised how this inspires new thinking.

MaryAnne Harmer