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Let's Get Real: It's Time To Be Authentic!

Authenticity is the path to trust. And today people, particularly Millennials, make choices about employment, what organizations to support, and where to buy things, based on whether they trust the organization or company.

Being authentic means there is no space between what you say, and what you do.  People may not agree with what you state, but they know where you are coming from, and your words reflect what you believe.  Authentic people don’t...

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Dangers of Isolation: Lesson from a Habitat Build Day

If you've ever doubted the idea of one being a lonely number, you most likely have never worked on a Habitat for Humanity build site.

Last week, I spent my Saturday with a dozen other volunteers finishing up two new and affordable homes in Portland's Cully District. In fact, the house I helped paint was to be occupied by its new owner and family three days later.

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