How To Be Green at the Office in 2018

We love Benefit Corporations and Benefit Companies who make a commitment to People, Planet, Profit. It’s a philosophy that is good for your company, the environment and the people we serve.

Yet, sometimes it’s hard to deliver on supporting the Planet and being sustainable in our day-to-day operations. There may even be a perception that being efficient and cost-effective may deter us from going green at the office. But there are simple things that we can all practice during the day in the workplace that demonstrate we support the environment. 

The journey may begin with baby steps but they put the organization on a path to sustainability. It’s the essence of being a Benefit Corporation. Always striving to actualize the values of people, planet, profit over the long-term.

So, here are few ideas for the new year that you may be able to put in place and practice to reflect your belief in the power of sustainability to improve the planet. (For a more comprehensive list of ideas, check out  the “green office guide.”)

And remember: if you are a Benefit Corporation or Benefit Company, the efforts you make towards sustainability can be included in your annual report, which is a requirement in Oregon and most other states.

1.       Use filtered water instead of bottled water

2.       Serve beverages in reusable cups and mugs

3.       Print on paper with at least 30% post-consumer recycled content

4.       Set your printer with double sided printing as the default

5.       Encourage public transportation whenever possible, offering bus passes to employees

6.       Provide space for bicycle parking

7.       Purchase office supplies including tea and coffee in bulk to avoid excessive packaging

8.       Ensure there are plenty of deskside recycling boxes or bins

9.       Purchase office equipment bearing the "Energy Star" label. 

10.    Change your lighting: Purchase compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) or light emitting       diode (LED) lights

11.   Turn off your computer and other office equipment when you leave your office

12.   Take advantage of telecommuting tools to minimize travel.