Why a Strategic Consulting Firm Used Certification To Leave the World a Better Place


If you listen to the founder of Mighty Epiphyte, you hear a common thread in all her communication. That commonality? Leaving the world and her community a better place. As a firm believer in the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet and Profit, Kim Allchurch Flick is a connector and collaborator who catalyzes good business. Her passion lies in years of cultural learning and experience woven through marketing, consultative selling and account management.

We recently interviewed her about Mighty Epiphyte becoming a certified Benefit Company through Benefit Corporations for Good. You will find her answers both inspiring and enlightening.

1.  What motivated you to become a Benefit Company?

The opportunity to demonstrate that the values and mission of Mighty Epiphyte and my personal drive to leave the world a better place, or at least make positive impact.  The third-party objective assessment that is recognized by the state is an important source or proof.

2.  Was it difficult getting internal support for moving toward this model?

I am a solopreneur so I had 100% support.

3.  How long did it take you to officially become a Benefit Company?

In total including the time to register with the state, it took just a couple of days.  Working with Mary Anne and Tom made the certification process very simple. And their feedback to making my business even stronger was invaluable. 

4.  Have you seen any change in culture since you became a Benefit Company?

I’m proud to show the badge everywhere. The outward facing marketing and discussions help clients, stakeholders and partners understand the dedication to social and environmental good.

5.  Have you experienced any positive outcomes since becoming a Benefit Company?

Always positive, but it has not increased revenue as of this interview.

6.   Would you recommend this business model to others? Why or why not?

I think a company must be value- and purpose-driven first, not try to fit into a mold just to get the certification. Once there is that commitment, it makes great business sense to become a Benefit Company.

7.  What is the most important trait to have as a conscientious leader of a Benefit Company?

Always walk the talk. Always look for opportunities to serve, speak, lift up and do better.

 8.   What lessons have you learned in the process?

It’s great to give and motivate others. Strong business fundamentals are paramount.

9.    Is being a Benefit Company part of your current Brand message?  


10.  What is the single best reason you'd give for another company/peer to become a Benefit Company?

It’s the third-party objective verification that you are doing what you say you are doing. In the future, there will be more ways for customers to search for and seek out Benefit Companies. There's no downside only upside.

You can learn more about Mighty Epiphyte and its work here.

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