How a Portland Video Company Told a Powerful Story without a Camera


When done right, video creates memorable, powerful and lasting impact. The same can be said for the story founder Erik Croswell of Bridge City Media told us as he articulated the reasons why he and his company became a certified Benefit Corporation for Good. We believe you will find his answers as impactful as the purpose-driven content he produces for his clients.

1. What motivated you to become a Benefit Company?

I wanted to join a business movement that values standards for how we treat our employees, our community, and our Earth. Being a Benefit Company gives me the opportunity to spread the word about this movement to consumers and other businesses as well as make a promise to myself to live up to virtuous standards.

2. Was it difficult getting internal support for moving toward this model?

The transition to becoming a Benefit Company felt seamless. It’s been a part of our foundation from the beginning to be a social and environmental force for good.

3. How long did it take you to officially become a Benefit Company?

The entire process took only a few days. It was very easy.

4. Have you seen any change in culture since you became a Benefit Company?

The greatest change has come from the community that I’m now more connected to. As a Benefit Company, I feel like I’m a part of a growing family of support.

5. Have you experienced any positive outcomes since becoming a Benefit Company?

Being certified and having the stamp posted on my website gives me the opportunity to speak with curious prospective clients about our business ethics, which I feel have been an important factor in the buying decision of those that have gone on to sign contracts with us.

6. Would you recommend this business model to others? Why or why not?

I would definitely recommend this model to others because significant trends in consumer behavior are showing a mounting importance to have a positive-outward alignment with your community. A  certification through Benefit Corporations for Good is a great way to demonstrate it.

7. What is the most important trait to have as a conscientious leader of a Benefit Company?

The most important trait is transparency. I believe that if you follow an etched-in-stone creed to be honest and open with your stakeholders, then you’re only going to make decisions that will be conscious and kind.

8. What lessons have you learned in the process?

I’ve learned that having a third-party audit your business practices really helps you keep promises that you want to make for yourself in how you intend to grow your business.

9. Is being a Benefit Company part of your current Brand message?

Absolutely! It’s very important to me to be an outward advocate for socially-conscious and sustainable business initiatives.

10. What is the single best reason you’d give for another company/peer to become a Benefit Company?

To join the family! It’s really such a loving and helpful community that is working toward one central goal to create a better environment and community for us all to live in.

You can learn more about Bridge City Media and its work here.

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Tom Hering