5 Important Reasons To Get Certified as a Benefit Corporation


You are an entrepreneur or a small business doing all the right things.

You believe in giving back but you also want to make a profit.

And you care about the environment. For your kids and grandkids, for your community, for the world.

In sum, you believe in the triple bottom line of people, planet profit. 

Well, it is time you tell your customers and your vendors that you practice what you preach. It is time to stand out and share that your work culture and your business practices embrace the tenets of serving all people, being sustainable while reflecting a viable and profitable business.

Enter the Benefit Corporation!

Here are the 5 most important reasons why now is the time to get certified as a Benefit Corporation for Good

1.     It will distinguish and differentiate you. The branded mark you receive says you do things differently.


2.     Your customers, particularly Millennials, the most cause-driven generation ever, will choose to purchase your services or products over others, even if the cost is a little higher.

3.     You will have an edge in attracting Millennial employees, who want to work for Benefit Corporations and once hired remain loyal too.

4.     You will join a community of other Benefit Corporations, B Corps, and Benefit Companies that are advocating for a better business model. This means referring  to one another and providing recommendations in order to leverage the strength of the benefit corporation movement. It is an inclusive group of comrades that support and nurture each other’s success.

5.     Like-minded businesses who also believe in sustainable practices and  equitable business processes will gravitate toward you  as a preferred service and product vendor.

And more benefits are on the horizon. A number of states are looking at possible tax benefits, or preference points for Benefit Corporations that are bidding for city, county or state contracts.

It’s time to take the leap. Tell the world you are different and that you care!

Become a Benefit Corporation today. Get certified. It is simple and affordable. 

To learn more, go to Benefit Corporations for Good.