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4 Keys To Mastering Outreach

OK, the jury is in. Community outreach has now been deemed one of the most powerful ways to brand and promote your product and your services. Developing relationships with organizations in your community will not only help create customer affinity but gets people to start promoting your business for you!

But the secret is not that you do outreach, but HOW you do it.

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How To Improve Your Content Thanks To a Few IPAs





If you've ever tried to describe the taste of an India Pale Ale (IPA), you know the descriptors vary.

Fact is, I've heard the majority of these adjectives as I'm lucky enough to live in a city where you see bumper-stickers on Priuses, Subarus and Volvos that read "Keep Portland Beered."

Which is to say locals get to choose from a ton of refreshing and ever-growing list of IPAs.

So what's this all have to do with upping your content?

Plain and simple, you want your words and ideas...

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How To Create an Annual Benefit Report

When you become a benefit corporation, you must follow certain standards identified by your Secretary of State's office to fulfill the state's requirements. One of these requirements is to create and post publicly an annual “Benefit Report.” You'll find each state varies but the basic information to be reported revolves around business efforts to demonstrate social impact or "public good."  

Here's the specific language regarding...

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