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Dangers of the Status Quo: How a Business Becomes Extinct

If you worked in ad agencies during your career (as I have), you quickly learn about being different.

Building a brand, developing a strategy, creating an ad is ALWAYS about differentiating.

Doing things as usual is almost never a good idea.

So why is it we see so many businesses and organizations not clearly setting themselves apart in the "how" or "why" they do what they do?

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9 Ways To Become More Resilient

Have you ever visited a desert and wondered about the cactus and its ability to survive?

I often visit the deserts of Baja. In my wanderings, the stark and quiet beauty of this ecosystem creates an awe that defines “mindfulness.” A potent experience of stillness and balance between the mountains and sea. 

And the regal cactus reigns over all...

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