Who Else Wants to Help Oregon Small Businesses Impact the World?

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The Oregon Benefit Company was introduced in January 2014. Yet very few state businesses know about it or the simple steps required to become one. In fact, Oregon lists over 320,000 businesses today but only 1800 of them, or less than .5%, have chosen to become one.

How can this be, you ask?

Well, the plain and simple fact is that there is a lack of awareness. But we aim to change that and need your support so we can spread the word about how a business can commit to making a positive impact on society and the environment in addition to making a profit.

As authors and evangelists for this Triple Bottom Line movement, we stand ready to ignite a revolution in every corner of the state. 


We wrote the book “Putting Soul Into Business: How the Benefit Corporation is Transforming American Business for Good,” which led us to developing the only state-based third-party certification standard for the Oregon Benefit Company.

To date, we’ve put on more than a dozen free workshops inside college classrooms, business incubators and professional meet-ups talking about the “what,” “why” and “how” for the Oregon Benefit Company. We've inspired more than two dozen businesses to be branded as something that is more meaningful than just making a profit.

The reasons we're asking for your help is that our current process of creating awareness to the Oregon business community is just not sustainable. We need your assistance in funding these free workshops so we can present them to small business owners and leaders all over the state.

So we are raising funds for a “road show” to help inform and inspire key communities with our respected and engaging "The Better Business Model: The Benefit Company Path to Greater Good" workshop, available at no cost to attendees. And because there is no time like the present, we want to begin as soon as possible during the summer of 2019.


We need your assistance to fund 12 workshops in 12 different Oregon communities. To enlighten leaders from Enterprise to Burns, Brookings to Astoria, Hood River to Klamath Falls about why the Oregon Benefit Company is not only the path to creating a better community and a better Oregon, but a proven blueprint for a better business. 

·         OUR OBJECTIVE: To go from .5% (1800) Oregon businesses registered as Oregon Benefit Companies to 1% or 3600 by end of second quarter 2020

·         OUR FUNDRAISING GOAL: $13,500 by September 30, 2019

Can you imagine a world where Oregon businesses are leading the charge to make the state a better place for the greater good? Please help us:

·         Put on an Oregon road show to help business leaders and entrepreneurs learn about this radical and timely business model through our free workshop.

Join us in the revolution and help Oregon small businesses impact the world.