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Who Else Wants to Help Oregon Small Businesses Impact the World?

The Oregon Benefit Company was introduced in January 2014. Yet very few state businesses know about it or the simple steps required to become one. In fact, Oregon lists over 320,000 businesses today but only 1800 of them, or less than .5%, have chosen to become one.

How can this be, you ask?

Well, the plain and simple fact is that there is a lack of awareness. But we aim to change that and need your support so we can spread the word about how a business can commit to making a positive impact on society and the environment in addition to making a profit.

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How a Purpose-Driven Consulting Firm Took It Up Another Notch

Change is the new normal. Resilient, agile and adaptive organizations stay ahead of the competition. And while The Peak Fleet co-founders Jen Coyne and Brian Stinson help prepare organizations for dealing effectively with such organizational change, they’ve also embraced a transformation of their own by becoming a certified Benefit Corporation for Good.

For the past 3 years, their firm has modeled the principles of the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet and Profit. No doubt those values have been part of their careers and business from the get-go. And recently they felt the time was right to certify those values and practices through Benefit Corporations for Good.

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How a Tiny California Town Underscored the Power of the Triple Bottom Line for Me

After just returning from an unforgettable trip to Northern California, I must say I have renewed and unabashed enthusiasm for the Triple Bottom Line movement. And it all started with our journey and quest for oysters and a stop at Hog Island Oyster Company.

It's what opened my eyes as we walked into this little gem of an oyster shack. For sure my mouth watered at the sight of the Sweetwaters and French Hog oysters that I saw in front of me. But what really got my attention …

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Why Become a Benefit Corporation: The Revealing Business Case

Certification as a Benefit Corporation business is what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk or LEEDs certification is to buildings. Benefit Companies and Benefit Corporations are for-profit companies certified around standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. In an era of ‘greenwashing’ and misleading labels…

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Why a Portland Law Firm Became a Certified Oregon Benefit Company

“I graduated law school in 2009. After graduating in the recession and facing a variety of hardships (and bar exams), I became a lawyer in 2017. Here I was finally a lawyer after years of doing other things: marketing and branding, real estate, nonprofit work, conflict resolution/mediation, restaurant work, law firm work, etc. (all legal activity I promise).

Since I was young, I’ve always been…

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Does Your Business Have a Soul? Here's How To Tell...

I’ve been around.  And I have many chapters in my life to prove it.

An executive at several major healthcare organizations, an ED at a nonprofit agency, a lead strategist at a branding agency, a coach and a consultant for many local and national government agencies, and an entrepreneur launching two start-up companies.   

AIong the way, I’ve worked in a multitude of capacities, partnering with…

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How a Homeless Army Vet Taught Me the Ultimate Content Lesson on Easter

Coming up with a great story idea or content for a blog post ain't easy.

So when I'm desperate for inspiration, which is more times than not, I go to my usual sources. Doing Google searches on a particular topic, reading quotes from the content sages and visiting my favorite IPA emporium all have helped me become a bit more inspired.

But this past Easter, I was reminded of how such angst about content is so unnecessary thanks to a US Army Ranger veteran I met underneath the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, OR.

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