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How a Tiny California Town Underscored the Power of the Triple Bottom Line for Me

After just returning from an unforgettable trip to Northern California, I must say I have renewed and unabashed enthusiasm for the Triple Bottom Line movement. And it all started with our journey and quest for oysters and a stop at Hog Island Oyster Company.

It's what opened my eyes as we walked into this little gem of an oyster shack. For sure my mouth watered at the sight of the Sweetwaters and French Hog oysters that I saw in front of me. But what really got my attention …

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Why a Company Should Certify: A Client's Review

As an advocate of the B Corporation movement and designation, I speak often about business certifications. Should a company apply for a certification? What’s the value in becoming certified? Is it worth the cost? Are some certifications more important than others?

In this post, I’ll try to answer some basic questions, framed in our company’s experience, and help you identify the kinds of designations you may want to avoid.

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2 Words To Ensure Long-Term Entrepreneur Success (Hint: Cause-Driven)

There is no magic formula for a startup. But in today’s world, it is not just about focusing on the bottom line of generating revenue and managing expenses.  In 2019, customers make choices not solely on the cost and quality of a product or service, but whether the company itself is doing good. That means for entrepreneurs who want to ensure long-term success …

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Why a Portland Management Consulting Firm Followed Its Heart in Becoming a Certified Oregon Benefit Company

It’s difficult to listen in on a business conversation these days without hearing the word metrics. Measuring what you do is a critical component to a business’s success and longevity. And that accountability is a key reason why co-founders Trever Cartwright and Michelle Janke pursued certification as an Oregon Benefit Company.

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Does Your Business Have a Soul? Here's How To Tell...

I’ve been around.  And I have many chapters in my life to prove it.

An executive at several major healthcare organizations, an ED at a nonprofit agency, a lead strategist at a branding agency, a coach and a consultant for many local and national government agencies, and an entrepreneur launching two start-up companies.   

AIong the way, I’ve worked in a multitude of capacities, partnering with…

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Lights On: How Compelling Is Your Website's Home Page?

Let's be honest. People go to your website to get a “feel” for who you are. Yes, they want to know what services you provide, but more than that, they want to understand your personality, your brand and what you stand for. A well-branded home page positions you and gives you an edge in increasingly competitive markets. This is done with...

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9 Ways To Become More Resilient

Have you ever visited a desert and wondered about the cactus and its ability to survive?

I often visit the deserts of Baja. In my wanderings, the stark and quiet beauty of this ecosystem creates an awe that defines “mindfulness.” A potent experience of stillness and balance between the mountains and sea. 

And the regal cactus reigns over all...

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4 Keys To Mastering Outreach

OK, the jury is in. Community outreach has now been deemed one of the most powerful ways to brand and promote your product and your services. Developing relationships with organizations in your community will not only help create customer affinity but gets people to start promoting your business for you!

But the secret is not that you do outreach, but HOW you do it.

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The Cure for Uninspired Thinking (Hint: 41,000 Pounds)

I hate overwhelm.

When I have too many professional challenges, personal obligations and a frazzled mindset, I feel worthless. My creative thinking, focused energy and big ideas for the benefit corporation movement can't be found for the life of me.

And the only true cure for that mental constipation was reaffirmed to me on my vacation to La Paz on Baja.

Here's the story...

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How To Improve Your Content Thanks To a Few IPAs





If you've ever tried to describe the taste of an India Pale Ale (IPA), you know the descriptors vary.

Fact is, I've heard the majority of these adjectives as I'm lucky enough to live in a city where you see bumper-stickers on Priuses, Subarus and Volvos that read "Keep Portland Beered."

Which is to say locals get to choose from a ton of refreshing and ever-growing list of IPAs.

So what's this all have to do with upping your content?

Plain and simple, you want your words and ideas...

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